Communication for quiet animals and busy humans.


Happy Pet is a communication system for a caged animal and a busy human. The system tracks the humans care taking behaviors and personifies the animal’s emotional state as the quality of care changes.


Place the Happy Pet tracker near a pet’s cage, then press the button when you complete a care-taking task.


The system tracks food, water, playing, and cleaning, then personifies the animal’s emotions on a website based on the care he receives.


In Action:

The Result

Unlike calorie and chore tracking apps, Happy Pet can be updated with the simple press of a button, and only when near the pets cage. The user gains a sense of accomplishment by pressing the buttons and positive reinforcement by seeing their pet smile. The caged pet gains the opportunity to reach out and ask for the things that he needs.

Try it:

Click on the crab below, then use your number keys to care for him.