Turning kids from consumers to creators

CreatorBox is a 2014 TechStars Kaplan EdTech company offering innovative building projects that inspire kids to build, play, learn, and develop a creator’s mindset.

Each month, a subscriber receives a new build-able toy kit complete with an instruction booklet. Kids learn valuable STEM skills as they build their toy. The instructions mention key educational concepts (like physics and electricity) without interfering with the fun of the build. Each toy is meant to be played with after it is complete, and kids are “challenged” with enhancements they can build on their own to make the toy even better. Creator Box won a coveted Best In Class design award from Maker Faire and the 2015 KAPi (Kids at Play) award for Best Maker Maker.


Designing for CreatorBox:

At CreatorBox, I worked on a team of three designers who were committed to delivering experiences that set kids up for success. We focused on encouraging problem solving, critical thinking, and experimentation while making the build easy and fun!

It was important that our kits could be built with as little parental help as possible, but were great conversation starters about how the toy works. This meant designing simple to assemble pieces while leaving room for tinkering and experimentation. Of course, the most critical design goal was that the finished toy had to be FUN to play with!

We used Adobe Illustrator and local laser-cutting manufacturers to put this startup’s initial line into production.